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Pretty In Plaid
dark Jensen
Title:  Pretty In Plaid
Characters:  Dean/Security Guard, Sam. 
Genre: slash
Rating:  NC-17
Word count: 3500 approx.
Warnings/kinks:  Dubcon, case related cross-dressing, restraints, dirty talk, mild humiliation. 

A/N: This was my first foray into the kink meme world.  It was written some time ago but I've just recently claimed, cleaned and had it beta'd.  Thank you to Kasman!  When picturing the OMC for this a certain individual kept coming to mind.  I used his name as inspiration. 

"Separate them," Liev said to one of his men. "Bring tall, dark and possessive to a holding room. I'll take care of the skirt." Collapse )

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